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"Slim [is] in the company of the Bay Area's hottest musicians, splitting the difference between low down blues and gritty funk and singing about the player life with a degree of verisimilitude today's rapper's can only dream of. This band is on cross-genre fire." ~ Blues Review

"Man can this cat sing the blues! Clarence Sims (aka Fillmore Slim) [is a] legendary bluesman and pimp. After a five-year stint in federal penitentiaries Sims decided to make the guitar his mainstay." ~ STLBlues Reviews

"Snoop Dogg has agreed to play the role of Fillmore Slim in a forthcoming biopic, 'The Legend of Fillmore Slim'. During the 60s and 70s, Slim became known in the San Francisco area as 'The West Coast Godfather of the Game,' and 'The Pope of Pimping.' He returned to music in the 1980s." ~ HipHop Magazine