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“Khan is the human representation of a hurtling fireball, all in the form of tattooed/pierced warrior goddess: her insane hair, ripped clothes… as for her style, it would be remiss to ignore the obvious M.I.A. comparisons, particularly when it comes to her vocal delivery: the shouty, half sung half rapped grenades she launches.” ~ Super Critic

“Canadian-Pakistani rapper/vocalist Urvah Khan is a heavy-metal-hip-hop force of nature, who will probably lead you into really bad ways on a night out.” ~ gtgrrl.wordpress

“With her shredded clothing, eccentric style and a voice that can lead a raging mob, her song style tends to seem like the wilder version of MIA….as an indie artist, Urvah has managed to garner a lot of attention with her music, which I can only describe as a strange cocktail with Rock and Rap being prominent flavours along with strong aftertastes of other genres.” ~ Jay Ceylon, MideastDynasty