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"One foot in the city, one foot in the sea... his music is very soothing, rhythmical and has a great 'One Love' vibe." ~ Examiner

"Warm, heartfelt and earnest, with melodies that flow seamlessly, this album is ... a stellar representation of a distinct sound. Encapsulating elements of reggae, pop and a hard-not-to-compare Jack Johnson-esque acoustic vibe." ~ Sabrina Velazquez, Honolulu Pulse

"First and foremost there is the voice, then there are the songs, but always the soul. Born in Los Angeles, schooled in Hawaii, travelin' this world with a voice and a guitar. Drawing from a vast list of influences from Bob Marley to Tom Waits to Nina Simone to Run DMC to breaking waves and subway trains and back again, gives him a unique style all his own." ~