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There is no question about it, Tru Fam make a great team! “Sha” and “Just-I” have an undeniable chemistry that motivates them to push the envelope beyond what others thought they could do. They know what to expect from one another and what the other one may want on a record without saying a word. They are best friends and their toughest critics. So much so that they make one another perform the song that he has written to prove that the song is a hit and worthy of recording. Would you expect anything less from identical twins?

It’s pretty much a given these Paterson, New Jersey brothers are getting it in and not looking back. As kids watching and listening to the Bad Boy Family music and videos, they too wanted to rule the world. “I remember listening to “Can’t No Body Hold Me Down” and watching P. Diddy and Ma$e in their shiny suites looking fly and all. After that, I pretty much loved music.”

As Tru Fam became older they began to discover all types of artists, bands and styles of music. They loved music so much that they began making their own in 2009. Developing their own pop hip-hop sound, Tru Fam has reached beyond the normal beats and intricacies of pop music. They have a pot of stew if you will, that’s filled with passion, love, fun and excitement, topped with witty lyrics and catchy hooks. This interpretation of pop hip-hop with introspective beats has a commercial sound with great performances to back it up.

Just like at the end of a play, they want the standing ovation and the applause from their fans. Tru Fam wants to reach the masses. They won’t record a song unless they can envision a great performance and deliver it and they do just that. Tru Fam wants their fans to feel, enjoy and vibe to their music.

They see the bigger picture and pride themselves in going above and beyond to deliver their very best. It’s a complex art, building a brand but this is what they do. Tru Fam lives for their music and are excited to reach new heights and take on the world of Pop and Hip-Hop.