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"We make no mistakes about it, we love Orgone ... dirty funk at its finest. For a city known for its indie rock, electro fantastic kids, DJs and formerly for its thriving South Central hip-hop, Orgone is putting Los Angeles on the map as a funky town too." ~

"Ever wonder what it would be like to step into a smoke filled motown bar in the 1970's when funk was fresh? The big sound of horns, percussion, guitar and bass invade your soul with a thunderous yet smooth journey into a netherworld of strong hearty vocals. The songs are a hybrid of funk, jazz, blues, and even tribal as they seeemlessly evolve throughout the CD. This band has fun and exudes utter confidence through the music they play. The excitement and passion they create through their music is infectious and makes you want to dance until you drop." ~ LA Indie Music Examiner

"A boatload of excitement surrounded Orgone's live performance at KEXP: The band's debut album had already made the 'Best of' lists for many of our DJs. Orgone did not disappoint." ~ Kevin Cole, National Public Radio

"Orgone has been one of those elusive bands for me. They’ve played headlining gigs, opened for Galactic and made a stop at Sundance, and I missed every show. You’d think the hype and the longing would build a wall of anticipation that no band could high-jump over, but no -- Orgone brought the funk and brought it hard. They hit it with funk, afrobeat and jazz so hard that you wouldn’t have thought that they woke up at 4:30 a.m. to drive to SLC to start their two month tour. The band’s soulful flare takes cues from legends like The Meters or Booker T, and can be compared to contemporary acts like The Budos Band and Galactic. As Orgone’s popularity swells and their repertoire expands, who knows, maybe funk bands in 2040 will be covering their numbers."
~ Austen Diamond, Salt Lake City Weekly

"Hailing from Los Angeles, Orgone brings a different flavor of funk to the table. Orgone's music is rooted in a sense of soul, funk, afrobeat, and deep rhythms. The result is a full on funk dance party that takes the listener on a musical journey from the sound of Los Angeles to horn and percussion driven Lagos to a New York club and to the raw sounds of New Orleans." ~

"Orgone’s sound is…organic, rooted in soul, funk, boogaloo, and jazz, with a classic appeal that’s ... smooth and soulful." ~ XLR8R

“Their music is terrifically unfussy, big slabs of grizzled R&B, greasy as fatback and thick as a very particular kind of smoke…recalls the majesty of Sly & the Family Stone.” ~ Relix Magazine