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About Sven Spieker

Sven Spieker has been working in the music business for over 20 years. Raised in Germany, Sven was performing with a number of bands in the Berlin club scene by the age of 17. On New Year’s Eve, 1990, one month after the fall of the Berlin wall, Sven’s band was hired to play MTV’s first party in former East Berlin (a long and crazy story).

While still in his teens, Sven saved enough money to travel to the U.S. and study at one of finest private film composing schools, The Grove School of Music in Southern California. After graduating, Sven worked as a recording engineer for a major hip hop production company signed by MCA Music Publishing. During that time, he recorded artists like Ice Cube, Mac10 and Exhibit.

In 1995, Sven teamed up with songwriter Bret Levick to form the band GiftHorse. GiftHorse was a successful band with an indie record deal, and received critical acclaim from both Billboard and Rolling Stone magazines. GiftHorse came in at #1 in two national radio markets and #5 in the Northern California radio market.

Thanks to his own experience as an artist, Sven has a broad and thorough understanding of business and finance – especially the business of music. Sven’s work can be heard in movies like Son of the Mask (end title song, Music Supervisor: Bonnie Greenberg) and television shows like the famous 'Monday Night Football'  theme (re-arranging), American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and many more. Other credits include music for Apple and the award winning Doritos Super Bowl commercial.