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How to Search the Catalog & License Music

Mighty Generation Music makes it easy to search and download our music with the Source Audio online search engine. In addition, the catalog is available on hard-drive, flash drive and CDs upon request. Mighty Generation Music representatives offer "Live Help" via phone, email or IM Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm PST and often off hours too. Please click here for our contact page.

Step 1: Register

For instant access please set up an account with us by filling out the quick and easy registration form and agreeing to Mighty Generation Music's Evaluation Terms & Conditions.

Registration Form

You will be granted instant access. You will then have the ability to search the Mighty Generation Music Catalog.

Step 2: Search and Audition Mighty Generation Music Library

Once you fill out the registration form and you are granted instant access you will have the ability to search Mighty Generation Music's entire library. We have categorized our entire catalog using standard and popular genres, styles, vocals, instrumentation, keywords and descriptions to make it easy for you to find the perfect track for your production. We are adding new music every week so make sure you check back often.

If you don't have time for a search or you need music immediately, we can assist you with your search for music and provide customized song lists. Please contact Michelle Crispin or Sven Spieker at the numbers below. We can also provide a Source Audio embedded hard drive with our entire catalog.

When you are ready to audition or download from our catalogue, please contact us via your preferred method and we will upgrade your account for download privledges.

Step 3: Need a quote?

Ready for a quote? Please call or email us with the following information:

  1. Title of Production(s): If known
  2. Type of Clearance: Master / Synchronization
  3. Type of Use:
  4. Territory:
  5. Term:
  6. Special Terms:

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Step 4: License our Music

Once you have decided to use our music in a production please contact us to request a Music Licensing Agreement.

Mighty Generation Music
Phone: 323-304-3140
Michelle Crispin
Phone: 323-304-3140
Sven Spieker
Phone: 323-304-3140